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Coming in April of 2009:

Selket Louchiano X Selket Waltz

"Stowaway" or Story, arrived 4/11/09. She is currently a lovely dark bay, though she may be grey, like her mum. She's a sweetie! Congrats Jim and Ron of Selket Arabians.


Starstruck Firebrand has arrived! Born 4-22-09, this super tall filly is all legs! Her first day out, she attempted to jump. It will be a lot of fun to watch her develope.

Pioneer Eclipse X 16.2 H AHS Main Mare Book, Feuerrot, "WeeGee". Sweeps baby.

We expect great things from this foal in Dressage or possibly Eventing as well. This foal will be registered Half Arab and will have a certificate of pedigree to attend Hanovarian events as well.


Starstruck Montage "Monty" (Pioneer Eclipse X Daalda Magnolia). Sweeps baby.

Gorgeous chestnut colt born May 12, 2009!!!

Only 3 hrs old! Berry picked a lovely day for his arrival.